Envision Science Academy has strict carpool guidelines to ensure the safety of our students, staff and volunteers, and the efficiency of our arrival and dismissal process.


  • Drivers should not enter the carpool line from any other direction for safety reasons and as a courtesy to other drivers.
  • For the safety of students and staff, please do not use cell phones while the carpool line or during carpool.
  • Students are encouraged to buckle, unbuckle, and open and close the car door unassisted. Drivers should stay in the vehicle at all times during carpool. Staff or volunteers will assist students who need help getting in or out of vehicles.
  • Students should be ready to disembark as soon as the vehicle comes to a halt. Please allow students to walk inside independently.
  • If you need to accompany the student inside, please park in the parking lot and cross at the crosswalk following the direction of the staff on duty. Parents will be required to sign in at the main office and display a visitor’s badge while in the building.
  • Students arriving after the start of instruction time will be considered tardy and must be accompanied to the main office by parents/guardians who should sign them in.
  • If a driver prefers to park and walk in to retrieve a student, he/she will need to wait until the end of the carpool period.
  • To ensure the safety of all, students are not allowed to load items into the back of a car while in the carpool line or to cross between cars. If trunk space is necessary for storing school materials, students should hold their items until the driver leaves the carpool line and is able to park and safely repack.
  • Families will be provided with two ESA carpool tags indicating the family's assigned carpool number.
  • Replacement or additional carpool tags may be purchased from the main office.
  • Carpool tags must be displayed from the rear view mirror for the duration of the carpool period and until students are in their vehicles.
  • If multiple families decide on ride sharing, all carpool tags should be displayed from the rear view mirror.
  • Drivers not displaying an official ESA carpool tag will be required to park and enter the building at the end of the carpool period to show proper identification before students will be released into their custody. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy, even when the driver is familiar to students and/or staff.
  • Written authorization must be on file in the office for any adult to pick up any student other than his or her own child(ren).
  • Any exception to this rule would require parents/guardians to provide written notice to the student’s teacher on the day of the change.
  • Courtesy to other drivers, staff, and volunteers is greatly appreciated during our carpool process at all times.
  • If pets are brought to school, they must remain in the vehicle.
  • Please explain these guidelines to other people who may occasionally do carpool on your behalf.


Before & After Care


Before- and after-school care buses will pick up and drop off students at the back parking lot behind the school.


For safety reasons, we strongly encourage all students who walk to and from school be accompanied by an adult. The adult must be listed on the student information form in the main office. Afternoon walkers will be released at the end of the carpool period.

Ride Sharing








If you are in need of ride sharing, the EPA (Envision Parents in Action) has setup a school profile at Carpool World to help connect families.


  • Carpool drivers should enter the carpool line from Traditions Grande Blvd. Turn right into the entrance and stay right where the line splits into two rows of cars. 
  • At the end of the carpool line, drivers may turn left or right out of the parking lot.
  • Students should always enter and depart their cars on the passenger side (sidewalk side of the school) to avoid walking between cars.
  • Students will be dismissed from class when their carpool numbers and cone letters are called or displayed. Students will proceed to the sidewalk in front of the school and wait by the cones displaying their assigned letters.
  • Drivers should not stop midway along the sidewalk, even if they see their student. Instead, drivers should continue moving until they reach their student's assigned cone.
  • If a student is not at his/her assigned cone, the driver will be asked to drive around and re-enter the carpool line.
  • If the student is frequently not at his/her cone when the car arrives, the driver will be asked to contact the teacher for advice to assure the student is timely.

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