Student Life

US2020 RTP STEM Expo

On Earth Day (April 22, 2016), Envision’s 6th grade students participated in the 2nd Annual Spring STEM Expo, hosted by US2020 RTP. Our young scholars learned about STEM careers through interactive displays provided by regional companies and universities, who encouraged them to continue their STEM education. Our Eagles also contributed to ongoing research projects, engaged in interactive demonstrations, and participate in hands-on science activities.
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Mandarin Fashion Project

Envision scholars explored art and history in Mandarin class by designing and presenting HanFus, traditional dresses and gowns worn by Chinese people during the Han Dynasty. Students had a choice of making life-size HanFus or using craft materials for prototypes.

Mandarin_Fashion_Project2.12475624_std Mandarin_Fashion_Project3.12475441_std Mandarin_Fashion_Project.12474522_std

Google Expedition

Google_Expeditions.109160554_stdThe Google Expeditions team visited our school and presented the students with 360° photo spheres, 3D images, and video tours of various places around the world that tied in with their recent lessons. It was a great opportunity for the students to visit and learn about destinations that only a small percentage of us would ever experience.

Pi Day 2016

Pi_Day.109155750_stdOn March 14, 2016, Envision celebrated Pi Day. There were activities related to the mathematical constant “π” in all grades and classes. The middle school spent most of the afternoon doing games and activities related to pi. We took a photo of the entire student body displaying the numerical value of pi out to the 400th decimal point. What a challenge!

Cisco Field Trip

Cisco_7th_Gr_Field_Trip_Mar2016.109154800_stdEnvision Science Academy is excited to work with Junior Achievement to offer our students job shadowing opportunities so they can become more prepared for their futures. Our 7th graders visited Cisco to learn more about STEAM careers and why it is important to study science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Students were most excited about seeing the enormous server room and learning about “The Internet of Everything.”

Morehead Planetarium Mobile Lab


On March 1st and 2nd, our middle school students had an opportunity to explore science through the Morehead Planetarium Mobile Laboratory. Staff from the University of North Carolina led 6th and 7th graders through two incredible science labs. The 6th graders completed a lab called “What’s Snot to Like,” where the students tested for antigens of the flu virus in two test patients. The 7th graders had a chance to collect their own DNA, break down the proteins, and precipitate the DNA so they could see an actual strain of the DNA. Then, the students made a necklace out of their DNA strain. It was an outstanding hands-on learning experience for all!

African American Read-In

African_American_Read-In.109152734_stdEnvision Science Academy held the 1st Annual African American Read-In on February 12, 2016 as part of its Black History Month activities. Professionals from a variety of business, industry, and educational venues came to Envision to read to our students. In addition, student ambassadors from our middle school and some 5th graders assisted our guests during their visit. The event was a huge success with students, teachers, and our guests thoroughly enjoying the activities. Thank you to Ms. Robinson, second grade teacher, for organizing the event.

Regional Science Fair

Regional_Science_Fair1.109152428_stdEnvision Science Academy participated for the first time in the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair competition. All of our school level winners advanced to the Regional Science and Engineering Fair and did a superb job representing our school. In addition to displaying their projects, students gave a verbal presentation and also answered questions for the judges. Envision had two projects that received recognition at the fair. Participating in the Fair were: Madelaine Castleman and Claudia Lobdell with, “Dog’s Paw Preference,” Luke Cunningham with, “Soda and Teeth,” and Ella Cagle with, “Know Your Shelf Life.” Receiving honorable mention for his project, titled “Ancient Timekeeping,” was Luke Nordone. Receiving a third place medal in the Junior Technology and Engineering category for their project, “ How Much Energy is in a Dead Battery?” were Nicolas Franco, Julian Damann Meldau, and Kurt Cassamajor. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding efforts and also to Ms. Head, who coordinated the Science and Engineering Fair.