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Academic Results

NC Report Card Results

At Envision, we strive to have every child grow their learning in a meaningful way.  One way this is measured by the state of North Carolina is the NC School Report Cards.  Click through to see our growth metrics over the past few years.


2021-2022 (Exceeded Growth - Grade B, 80)

2020-2021 (No Scores or Grades Provided by the State)

2019-2020 (No Scores or Grades Provided by the State)

2018-2019 (Exceeded Growth - Grade A, 86)

2017-2018 (Met Growth - Grade B, 81)  

2016-2017 (Met Growth - Grade B, 75)

2015-2016 (Grade B, 78)

2014-2015 (Met Growth - Grade A, 86)

NC Read to Achieve Results

2021-2022 Read to Achieve Results

2020-2021 Read to Achieve Results

2019-2020 No State Testing due to COVID-19

2018-2019 Read to Achieve Results

2017-2018 Read to Achieve Results