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General Information

Please click the links below to join our ESA Facebook Groups. We have one group for all grade levels (ESA Families) and one group for each grade level. The groups were created to help parents share information in a positive manner. Feel free to discuss school related information as well as non-school related information (plan play dates, etc.). To be able to join the group you MUST answer the THREE questions that are prompted to you. (You may have to scroll down to see the third question). The administrator will not approve you unless these three questions are answered.


Group Facebook Links

ESA Families- All Grade Levels

ESA Class of 2029- 2024-2025 Eighth Grade

ESA Class of 2030 - 2024-2025 Seventh Grade

ESA Class of 2031- 2024-2025 Sixth Grade

ESA Class of 2032- 2024-2025 Fifth Grade

ESA Class of 2033 - 2024-2025 Fourth Grade

ESA Class of 2034 - 2024-2025 Third Grade

ESA Class of 2035 - 2024-2025 Second Grade 

ESA Class of 2036 - 2024-2025 First Grade 

ESA Class of 2037 - 2024-2025 Kindergarteners